Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of bad wildlife photos, brought to you by the friendly and (sometimes) camera-savvy people from the Crap Wildlife Photography Facebook group. In case you haven’t heard about these up-and-comers, they’re dedicated exclusively to (yup—you guessed it!) crappy wildlife photos.

We’ve collected some of the best new photos from the group to boost your mood and give you a good chuckle, so scroll down, upvote your fave ones, and post your own bad photos of wild animals in the comments below. You can check out Bored Panda’s previous articles about the fantastic Crap Wildlife Photography group right here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the Crap Wildlife Photography moderator team. Founded back in 2015, the group went absolutely viral in January 2020 and now boasts over 387k members. And the amount of content their members submit each day is absolutely staggering!

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#1 My 11 Year Old Daughter Lilah Took This

Image credits: Meg Short

#2 Birb

Image credits: Kaliah Oszman

#3 I Know, I Know, Puh-Lease. I’m The Cutest Thing Ever, Right?

Image credits: Sherry Aldrich Sineath

A member of the Crap Wildlife Photography mod team told Bored Panda that they always get loads of people posting photos of squirrels, deer, cardinals, and raccoons every single day. “And we have ‘Spooderday’ thread dedicated to spiders every Saturday,” they said. So Saturdays are great for anyone who’s a spider-lover (but should be avoided by anyone who’s got a phobia of the little critters).

According to the representative of the Crap Wildlife Photography team, in the month following Bored Panda’s last article about the community in June, the group had grown by around 18k new members. “Actual join requests were around 26k, but the other 8k people didn’t answer the short joining questionnaire so didn’t become members at that time,” they said.

The founder of the group, Tristan Kennedy, previously told Bored Panda all about the online community. Tristan told us that he created the group after somebody on another group called Crap Bird Photography asked if there was a page for all wildlife. “There wasn’t one that I could find so I created it.”

#4 The Campground We Stayed At Has A Bathroom Attendant. But All He Does Is Silently Judge Your Hand Washing Skills

Image credits: Jessica Burke‎

#5 This Wild Boar Ran So Fast It Rendered Itself Into A Cave Painting

Image credits: Olle Hemmendorff‎

#6 Mine

Image credits: Billie Batek‎

Tristan pointed out that growth had always been slow but steady over the past few years. However, this January, there was a massive uptick in the number of followers, and Tristan had to add the first bunch of new admins to help manage the group.

“Numbers increased from about 15,000 in January to about 45,000 at the start of April. The first Bored Panda article triggered a large spike in numbers—our group numbers spiked from about 45,000 to 100,000 in a few days. Overall, 300,000 have joined since January.”

Tristan also told us all about the appeal of crappy wildlife photos: people love ‘em because nearly everyone has taken bad photos. “The ‘good’ photo groups aren’t interested in bad photography, of course, so it gives people somewhere to share their lesser quality photos and have a laugh at themselves,” he said.

#7 When You Have A Wild Night And Forget Your Way Back Home In The Morning

Image credits: Alberto Curiel

#8 The Toad Saga Continues. We Cleaned The Back Porch And I Haven’t Fed Them For A Few Days And These Two Assholes Just Came Up And Literally Knocked On The Glass Like “Wtf, Karen?”


Image credits: Karen McGovern

#9 Beagull

Image credits: Jonathan Chen

The amount of content the group’s admins have to moderate is massive. They get more than 1,000 submissions each day. But far from all of them make it to the page. Some photos might not make the cut because they don’t adhere to the rules of the group while others might not get featured because they’re too similar.

“We get a lot of very similar photos (deer and squirrels seem to be the most common), we try to keep the page interesting by posting a mixture of different kinds of wildlife. We try to make the group as inclusive and light-hearted as possible, somewhere to have a laugh and forget about reality, so to speak.”

#10 Meanwhile In Thailand

Image credits: Adam Liam McCleery

#11 He Really Did Have A Cute Face

Image credits: Deb Aselford

#12 Finally Found One Of Those Radioactive Spiders. No, It’s Not Because Of The Flash

Image credits: Emmanuel Sanchez

#13 I Had This Strange Feeling I Was Being Watched….

Image credits: Clifford Wilson

#14 It Was My First Trip To Mexico. The First Time I Saw Monkeys In The Wild. I Was So Excited To Use My New Camera

Image credits: Angie Sanchez

#15 Knock At The Door Turned Out To Be This Owl

Image credits: Richard Neal

#16 Does This Deck Make My Ass Look Fat?

Photo credit to my friend and former colleague Jen Goodlad who was dispatched to assist this idiot trash panda. Juveniles are prone to misadventure because they’re young, active and don’t understand physics. He suffered severe injuries to his pride, but was otherwise unharmed

Image credits: Mini Brit

#17 Clearly Underestimated The Size Of His Backside When Planning His Getaway

Image credits: Kara Smidt

#18 Damn…

Image credits: Gary Dritschler

#19 Tried To Get A Shot Of This Beautiful Doe While Golden Hour Driving Tonight. She Had…um…*other* Plans… Went Full On Derp On Me

Image credits: Rick Eubanks‎

#20 This Does Not Need A Caption, Right? Like, We’re Good Here

Image credits: Metin Fennema

#21 Bet Youv’e Never Seen A Bee Wee!

Image credits: Victoria Toas

#22 Duck Surfing

Image credits: Richard Coe

#23 I Don’t Know What This Sea Snail Has Started To Draw, But I Think He Should Stop It

Image credits: Craig Spot Maldoon Hardie

#24 We Were Having A Beer On A Deck In Madeira And The Lizards Would Run Out And Immediately Pick Up Their Feet Because The Deck Was So Hot

Image credits: Virginia Saunders

#25 This Could Have Been A Half Decent Picture Then The Buck Did This As I Pressed The Button

Image credits: Louise Croucher

#26 I Was Trying Take A Picture Of This Bird When It Turned And Looked At Me, Then Crapped On My House

Image credits: Gina Larson Adams

#27 How About A Suitable Name For This Species? I Have To Admit, Not My Photo But Of My Uncle, Who Just Moved To The Coast Of Belgium To Live A Peaceful (Funny) Life

Image credits: Frederic Lie

#28 Took This Picture Of A Deer Looking At Me From Off In The Woods While In Motion In A Car And Had To Zoom In Really Quick. This Is What I Saw Later When I Cropped The Photo To See It Closer

Image credits: AnneMarie Aiyanaquene

#29 Me Trying To Take A Picture Of A Snail In My Backyard. All I Got Was His Eyeball…

Image credits: Katja Verschuren

#30 Judgmental Cormorant Knows What You Did

Image credits: Josh Olive

#31 I Call It: “The Year 2020 In Two Parts.”

Image credits: Claire Tlotlo Psarouthakis

#32 “Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha, Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive…”

Image credits: Kate Brown

#33 Peace On The Delaware River, NY ✌️

Image credits: Cassie Ward

#34 This. Is. Sparta!!

Image credits: Jason FA Cole‎

#35 Someone Suggested I Put This Photo Of My Crazy Green Heron Doing A Dance On The Water And Rocks

Image credits: Mary Jansen Thorne

#36 The Majestic Elk

Image credits: Jennifer Garrison

#37 Dangerous Overtaking Manoeuvre By Reckless Snail.

Image credits: ‎Jonty Ponty

#38 Bad Hair Day

Image credits: Amanda Glew

#39 Found This Young Trash Boi Stuck In The Bottom Of A Bin, Just Baking In The Sun, Exausted, And Likely A Bit Tipsy Judging By His Trash Of Choice . I Tipped The Can So He Could Escape But He Was To Tired/Dehydrated To Leave . So Then I Scooted A Bowl Of Water In With A Stick . Thirsty Dude Gulped It Down, Chilled Another 10 Min, Perked Right Up N Wiggled His Weird Lil Butt To Whatever Gross Adventure Is Next…….absolutely Reeking Of Stale Beer And Bad Decisions

Image credits: Amanda Brook

#40 What Variety Of Caterpillar Is This?

Image credits: Kathy Botu

#41 I Relate To This Frog At A Subconscious Level

Image credits: Jack Bancroft

#42 Can Someone Tell Me What Kind Of Bird This Is?

Image credits: Caroline Coplen‎

#43 Had A Power Outage (Bay Area) And Had To Drive A Couple Cities Over To Grab Dinner. I Stopped At A Light And Was Trying To Figure Out Where I Was Going When I Saw These Lil Cuties Out Of The Corner Of My Eye. This Was The Only Picture I Could Get Before They Disappeared And The Light Turned Green

Image credits: Victoria Long

#44 Not My Cat

Image credits: Jenniffer Smith Kopke

#45 Hello, Your Out Of Birdseed…..refill Please


Image credits: Linn Greenhalge Felker‎

#46 I Took This Week During My Morning Walk

Image credits: Katya Ceci Ribeiro

#47 Excuse Me?

Image credits: Jim Marsh

#48 Ok. Not Exactly What I Was Expecting When I Put Out The Birdbath

Image credits: Phil Clark

#49 Attack Of The Giant Seagulls

Image credits: Sander Plug

#50 Owl Hitting The Camera Or His Reflection Or Drunk ??

Image credits: Muneer Al Shanti