At times, certain encounters between wild animals can appear like the perfect scene from a Pixar movie. Well, at least from the first sight.

A while ago, a security camera in Ontario, Canada, captured an unusual interaction between a young red fox and a snowy owl in the night-time. The video has quickly gained quite a bit of attention and went viral, and as of now, the video has over 202k views on YouTube.

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The video capturing the unlikely encounter between a snowy owl and a fox currently has over 202k views on YouTube

At the beginning of the viral footage, you can see a young fox running in the snow when suddenly, a snowy owl swoops in from behind. Then the owl flies off and leaves the fox wandering alone. A few moments later, the owl comes back and lands in the middle of the road.

The foxie then attempts to scare the owl off but it doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Soon enough, the fox begins circling the owl, which constantly turns to keep facing the fox. A few moments later, the fox runs off.

A few years ago, a similar meeting was captured in northern Canada

It wasn’t the first time a similar encounter has been captured on camera. A couple of years ago, the Nationa Geographic Wild YouTube channel posted a video capturing a snowy owl hanging out with an Arctic fox.

“It looks a bit like this Arctic fox and snowy owl are playing, but survival is no game when winter looms at the Canadian tundra’s edge,” reads the description of the video.

“These predators compete over prey, such as lemmings,” the National Geographic explains

Image credits: Nat Geo WILD

However, such encounters might not be as Pixar-perfect as it might look from the first sight. “These predators compete over prey, such as lemmings. So they also compete over turf. It’s a pretty even match, and not likely to be fatal for either. But not getting enough food could be,” the National Geographic explains the encounter in the description of the video.

And here’s another video capturing a snowy owl and an Arctic fox “dancing” with one another

Image credits: Explore Live Nature Cams

Here’s how people reacted to the CCTV footage

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