James Fridman is an online legend and, odds are, you’ve seen his work at least once even if you didn’t know the man behind the photo-editing. Known as one of the greatest Photoshop ‘trolls’ and editing wizards on the internet, British graphic designer Fridman takes people’s requests to alter their pictures very literally on purpose. This leads to hilarious photoshops that might just make you giggle and will get your Monday off to a great start.

Check out some of Fridman’s latest hilarious photoshops below, upvote your fave ones as you scroll on down, and let us know which pics you loved the most and why.

We’re huge fans of Fridman’s work here at Bored Panda (and we sometimes wish he’d photoshop us) and you can tell that by how often we’ve featured him before. You’ll find our latest awesome posts about his work right here, here, and here.

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Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

2.1 million adoring fans on Instagram. Nearly 1.6 million followers on Facebook. And another 1.9 million Photoshop-and-humor-loving followers on Twitter. There’s no doubt about it, the content that Fridman creates is the perfect intersection of quality and relatable humor. It is not possible to have that kind of popularity without appealing to something that unites us all.

In this case, it’s giggling uncontrollably at the ‘dad-joke-like’ interpretations of people’s requests and the ensuing Photoshop hilarity.


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

While some people understand what Fridman is all about and simply want to be in the spotlight with their pics for a bit, others are genuinely shocked by the monkey’s paw-like situation they find themselves in.

Be careful what you wish for? Yeah, we’ll have that warning in spades and spades. The graphic designer even has a list of terms and conditions that you should check out before submitting a photo. And remember, don’t submit anything that you don’t want made public. Fridman takes credits, agreements, and rules very seriously and so should you.


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

What Fridman does actually plays a far deeper role than just providing fun and entertainment (though that’s important, too!). It’s practically a cliche that laughter is the best medicine, however, it’s scientifically backed. Well, it might not be the only thing good for you, but it’s been proven to have positive short and long-term benefits for everyone.

The Mayo Clinic explains that laughter cools down our response to stress, helps decrease our heart rate, as well as blood pressure, and ends up making us feel relaxed. What’s more, laughter stimulates our organs, increases our oxygen intake, and releases more endorphins by our brains. Our circulation improves, our muscles relax, and this physically helps deal with stress.


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

But that’s just the short-term bonuses. In the long-term, consistently finding something humorous to laugh at tends to improve how the function of our immune system (this helps outweigh some nasty stress-related illnesses).

Laughter also acts as a natural painkiller, can reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, and will consistently make you happier. It might sound simple, but it’s true. So chuckle away as often as you can. 


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

Fridman is very well-known, however, he’s a bit shy and doesn’t tend to feel comfortable doing personal interviews. It appears that he prefers to let others be in the spotlight. However, he’s got a very giving spirit! He founded the James Fridman Foundation as a way to give back to the community and make the world a better place.


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

The James Fridman Foundation’s main mission is to support and help children and young people “in developing their skills, understanding, and capabilities that will enable them to navigate the obstacles they encounter as they grow and participate in society as independent, mature, and responsible individuals.​”


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

According to the Foundation, modern society and the difficulties that it creates have an “immense impact” on young people’s mental well-being and healthy development. “Lack of knowledge, understanding and appropriate skills on how to build resilience and emotional shield leads to an inability to work through challenges modern life has put upon them.”


Video credits: James Fridman


In other words, the organization aims to help kids become tougher so that they can weather the challenges that modern life throws at them. The Foundation also wants to see a world where every single child and young person feels like they belong there, they feel happy and valued and understood.


Image credits: James Fridman


Image credits: James Fridman

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