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After Shamelessly Sharing Pics Of The Apartment From Friends Saying It’s Her AirBnB, Influencer Gets Busted

People are social beings, so naturally, we spend a lot of time dealing with other people. Sometimes the interactions are good and lift our...

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People Are Finding Out That Most Dads Watch TV Standing Up, And Here Are 25 Pics To Prove It

There are these certain things that, it seems, pretty much all dads start doing somewhere along the line after becoming a father. And no...

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Dumb poses all the girls make

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My Weekend With Bernie (14 Pics)

How was your weekend? Ours was fun. Uncle Bernie showed up at Jamie's house yesterday, so we took him out on a date. He...

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People Are Sharing Hilarious Memes That Sum Up The Relief Of Transitioning From Trump To Biden

Biden’s much-awaited inauguration ceremony has come and gone, and Bernie’s mittens that took over the internet this weekend are now most likely resting in...

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