Nothing compares to having a dog, to feeling its unconditional love every time it looks at you. That being said, I understand if you aren’t crazy about them. Maybe you have allergies, maybe you just really like cats, I don’t know. What I don’t understand, however, is someone belittling these animals. Nor does French artist Lucille aka Notidee.

Last week, she tweeted a comic titled “It’s just a dog”, addressing everyone who might say that about her pup, Neos. The sincere strip not only describes Notidee’s dog and its personality but also perfectly captures their beautiful bond.

The comic instantly went viral and, as of this article, has over 170K likes and 48K retweets. Let’s hope it reaches those who it’s directed at as well.

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Image credits: @Notideeart

Image credits: Notideeart

Here’s how people reacted to the heartwarming comic

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