I’m Marianna, and I am a catographer (I took after-wedding photos that Bored Panda has already shared, which you can see here and here.)

Last summer, I worked on a photographic project about tattooed girls with their cats, but I had to stop it due to lockdown for coronavirus. I had already created a dedicated feed on Instagram and I didn’t want to suspend it.

These days, I had the idea to combine the photos I took previously with paintings that somehow resemble them; below you can see how it turned out.

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#1 Jenny & Betty. Painting: ‘Cats Dream Of Butteflies Too’ By Kobayashi

#2 Daria & Gollum. Painting: ‘Woman In Yukata With Her Cat’ By Hidemi Tada

#3 Silvia & Ziggy. Painting: ‘A Kitten’s Game’ By Emmanuel Branger

#4 Meggie & Liquirizia. Painting By Gloria Delitala

#5 Daria And Her Cat. Painting: ‘Teasing The Kitten’ By Stephen Coleman

#6 Pinot. Painting By Cate White

#7 Roxy & Agata. Painting’s Author Unknown

#8 Jenny, Agata & Betty. Painting: ‘Woman And Cat’ By Tsuguharu Foujita

#9 Gloria & Tata. Painting By Yaowu Zhang

#10 Lisa & Morgana. Painting By Federico Andreotti

#11 Jenny & Betty. Painting : ‘Le Chat Aux Poissons Rouges’ By Henri Matisse

#12 Marianna & Nerina. Painting: ‘Jilie Manet With Cat’ By Pierre Auguste Renoir

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