Cats may look like elegant, gentle creatures on the outside but everyone who has ever owned one knows that they have a devilish side, too. They know how to use their claws whenever they need to take a bath. Or get brushed. Or defend themselves from unwanted belly rubs. And if you decide to trim them in order to save your skin, surprise, you’re getting scratched again.

Of course, nobody is perfect, not even cats, and they have plenty of ways to make up for their… shortcomings. I’m not saying they’re bad pets, rather, it takes a while to get to know their likes and hates and to adapt to them.

One person who has successfully done so is a Taiwanese artist who goes by the nickname Meowow Park. Recently, he put some of the things he has learned about cats into an amusing illustration series, and it perfectly describes the chaotic reality of being around these fluffs. Check ’em out!

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Image credits: meowowpark

Image credits: meowowpark

Interestingly, Meowow Park told Bored Panda that currently there’s no cat in his life. “I do not have one, but I am absolutely sure I will get a cat — or even two! — in the near future,” he said.

So the question naturally arises: How does someone who doesn’t own a cat know so much about them? Especially the things that people notice only after spending a considerable amount of time with these animals. It all has to do with the way Meowow Park chooses to spend his free time (and it also explains the origin of his alias).

Image credits: meowowpark

Image credits: meowowpark

Image credits: meowowpark

“My girlfriend and I are helping local stray cats. We frequent a park near my apartment where we feed and play with these neglected animals,” the artist explained.

“We’ve got to know them, and they are very cute,” he added. “So all of the inspiration for my illustrations come from taking care of them.”

“Adopt. Don’t shop”, Meowow Park stressed after spending time with stray cats.

Here’s what people have been saying about the adorable series

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